The history of Smyrlis Racing begins in 1990 as Dimitrios Smyrlis founds the paint shop DS-Autoservice. His son Ioannis develops early a passion for cars. At the age of 11, Ioannis drives for the first time a go-kart and from now on he has a new hobby.

In 2001, Ioannis Smyrlis drives the Nissan 350Z at a promotion event. The foundation of Smyrlis Racing follows 2007. Smyrlis Racing joins national slalom events and the adventures in motorsport begin.

First Success

In 2010, Ioannis takes over DS-Autoservice from his father. At the same time, Smyrlis Racing conquers the Nürburgring and the legendary Nordschleife. Ioannis takes part in the RCN together with Christopher Rink. They are friends from childhood and are together successful on the racetrack up until today.

Smyrlis Racing drives to its first wins in the DMV BMW Challenge. The car of choice is a BMW E30 V8 with a 5,0 litre engine. This car wins the first championship titles for Smyrlis Racing.

Winning the 24 Hours

In 2016, Ioannis returns to the Nordschleife and joins forces with Adrenalin Motorsport in the VLN. With a Porsche Cayman he even wins the class V5 at the 24h-Rennen Nürburgring.

Ioannis takes part in the development of the Audi R8 GT4. He also wins his class at the 24h-race in Dubai, where he shares the cockpit with Christopher Rink. In Hockenheim, Ioannis joins the Nascar Whelen Euro Series for one weekend. He competes with drivers like Jacques Villeneuve, Alon Day und Ellen Lohr. At the end, he wins the Challenger Category and is still the first and only guest starter to win his first race.

In 2021, Ioannis wins the 24h-Rennen Nürburgring again. This time he succeeds with a Porsche of Mathol Racing in class V6.

BMW 318ti Cup Champion

Since 2016 Ioannis is part of the DMV BMW 318ti Cup. He fights for wins and in 2018 he becomes the Champion. In 2019, he joined the DMV BMW 318ti Cup with his own team Smyrlis Racing. With up to 7 cars, Smyrlis Racing is the biggest team on the starting grid.

2020 unfolds completely different than anticipated. Smyrlis Racing grasp at the chance and joins simracing. In the debut season of the Virtual BMW Cup, Smyrlis Racing wins the driver championship as well as the team championship.

In 2021, Ioannis competes with a BMW 318ti in the DMV Classic Masters. He fights for the win in every race and at the end of the season he is crowned as overall champion.


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